P.zza della Repubblica/P.zza Duca D'Aosta - National competition, Milan 1991

This national competition, sponsored by Metropolitana Milanese with the City of Milan, asked for the draft of a feasible project regarding the urban design scheme in general and the interchange zone for piazza Duca d'Aosta , in front of the Central Station, in particular, between the public surface transportation, the subway lines and the train station itself. The design theme was framed within a requalification plan of the neighboring areas affected by the transformations caused by the construction of the n.3 subway line. In this sense, the reordering of the public transportation was taken as the occasion for a more general requalification of the urban space represented by the system of urban squares:IV Novembre, Duca D'Aosta, Luigi di Savoia; the scheme for reordering the cityscape along the V. Pisani street would be based upon this urban design node, as would the project's indications for the redesign of Piazza della Repubblica.



Competition sponsor: Metropolitana Milanese
Lead Designer: Antonio Zanuso
Design Group: Carlo Chambry,
William Pascoe, Antonio Zanuso
Design team members: Patrizia Bercieri, Marco Carrano,
Hilary Dabney, Martino Ferrari, Federica Giaume,
Silvia Pellizzi, Claudio Pia, Marco Rivosecchi,
Paolo Traversa
Structures: Flavio Baggio
Landscape: Sergio Pellizzoni
Consultants: Fabio Casiroli (viabilita'),
Piero Castiglioni (illuminazione),
Roberto Camagni (analisi socio-economica)
Job Site Supervision: Metropolitana Milanese
General Contractors: C.C.P.L. Re, S.E.A.V. Br

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© Antonio Zanuso