Spreebogen Parliament buildings - International Competition, Berlin 1992

In June 1991 the Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany decided to transfer the main functions and seat to Berlin. This decision required the start of a program for the renovation of several existing buildings and the construction of new ones suitable to the political functions of the Capital. In an area of 665.500 sq. mt. the competition asked for the massing scheme for a series of parliamentary functions, such as the new Bundestag (Parliament), the Bundesrat, the Chancellery, the Federal Press Conference rooms, the Press Club, the German Parliament Society, for a total gross flor area of 479.000 sq. mt. and for other mixed functions, such as offices, exposition and commercial spaces, hotels and restaurants for a total gross floor area of 187.000 sq. mt. as well as parking for more than 6000 vehicles (above and below ground). On one hand the project integrates the new neightborhood with the rest of the city, on the other side it emphasizes the relationship between the different buildings, maintaining their identity. The goal was to give the parliament neighborhood a recognizable urban design, integrate it with the surviving post-war surroundings, exploit the rehabilitation of the Sprea's banks to renew the historical relationship betweeen the city and the water.


                                                                                      Design Group: S. Brandolini,
C. Chambry, C. Teoldi, A. Traldi, A. Zanuso
Design team: A. Matricardi,
H. Jawabreh, F. Artifoni, D. Franzosi, E. Rossi
Advisors: F. Casiroli (Viabilità)
Graphics: V. Parmiani
Design: February, 1993
Net floor area: 665.500 mq
Amount: € 600.000.000


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© Antonio Zanuso