Ex Borletti area and Palazzo Visconti - Competition, Canegrate (Milan) 1992

In the area, the project calls for the construction of a group of building blocks articulated in public and private spaces in order to create a new urban center, with an elevated morphological quality and adequate disposition of the volumes. The renovated and improved Castelli Palace constitutes the pivot and the main reference in the area. Three main lots for intervention are defined in the project: a group of low residential buildings; a complex of office buildings; a slab with commercial functions which occupies the centre of the area and, connecting to the existing difference in ground level, creates a square with its roof.



Competition sponsor : Comune di Canegrate
Design group: Carlo Chambry, Martino Ferrari, Antonio Zanuso.
Design team members: Federica Giaume, William Pascoe, Mauro Schiavon, Marcello Tomei.

Artistic consultant: Sandro Colbertaldo

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© Antonio Zanuso