Maria Regina Church- National competition "three churches for year 2000", Varedo 1990

The church, facing the square, is a great hall. The altar is the focal point of the assembly, illuminated from above and crowned by a perspective background that leads back to the painted architecture of Leonardo. The winter chapel juts out on the inside square dividing the space in two courtyards. The baptistery, visible from the church, is side lit by a single large window. The block of the halls and meeting rooms bounds the internal square to the south and benefits from the view towards nature. The priest's house, furnished with independent entrances, faces the courtyards and the oratory. The entire lot, ordered by an orthogonal grid, proposes itself as a collective park in a sequence of spaces and paths for physical and spiritual exercises.


Competition sponsor: Diocesi di Milano
Designers: Carlo Chambry, Antonio Zanuso
with: Andrea Ferraro, Dario Azzolin, Valentino Parmiani
Artistic consultant: Fabio Mauri

Project selected among the 14 finalists (104 projects submitted) of the competition  sponsored by the  Curia Arcivescovile di Milano for the new parish complex in Varedo.

© Antonio Zanuso