Underground parking San Barnaba Traffic plan/above-ground layout, Milan 1985/1988

                                                                 The underground parking garage (600 cars), built on a triangular-shaped parcel of public property, is served by two double helix superimposed ramps, placed along the lot lines. The two entrances, covered by climbing plants, become the retaining walls of a terraced garden (600 sq. mt.), made with the material from the excavations, which becomes the formal solution for covering the garage. The circular wells of the ramps and the three playing courts are integrated into a unified figure along the diagonal of the lot, and form a homogenous band of green with facilities, underscored by a double row of trees, which mediate with the surrounding tall buildings. A path paved with porphyry, shaded by a line of Acer platanoides, runs along Via S. Barnaba up to the church and the  pedestrian exits, inserted into a steel and glass kiosk.

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© Antonio Zanuso