Piazze Castello, Martiri, Mercato - National competition, Galliate (Novara) 1997

The three squares form an urban continuum upon which the public buildings of the town overlook. The design for the Martiri and Mercato squares aims to enhance the existing architectural relationships, while the ridefinition of the Vittorio Veneto square with the Castle requires some more in depth study. The old vehicular street is replaced by a pedestrian garden which constitutes an enlargement at the level of the moat. The square in front is cut in two parallel strips, divided by a slightly inclined line, in an attempt to define a perspective connection between the existing architectural elements. Bounded on the north by the level change that contains the garden, the new pedestrian street, seat of the weekly market, frays to the south against the volume of the apse and the bell tower, of which it becomes the base.




Auctioneer office: Galliate Commune
Lead designer: Antonio Zanuso
Design team: Carlo Chambry,
William Pascoe, Antonio Zanuso
Members: G. Maffeis, M. Schiavon, M. Tomei
Artistic advice: Sandro Colbertaldo

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© Antonio Zanuso