Garibaldi/Repubblica Office District - National competition, Milan 1991


The Teoldi/Zanuso design, among the competition's awarded projects, begins by analyzing the current fracture in the city fabric in order to recompose recognizable urban spaces. The intervention underscores the axis of movement along the line of Viale Tunisia - Viale della Liberazione, molding a large, centrally positioned park area, in spatial sequence with the new raised garden in Piazza della Repubblica included in the Itaca project (Chambry - Zanuso). Three building blocks confirm the fabric to the sides of the axis. Viale della Liberazione is lined by a triple row of horsechestnuts on either side, assuming the aspect of a boulevard and anticipating the subsequent central park. The project's characteristic element is the linear building with a sinusoidal shape which accompanies the park along the southern border of the Isola neighborhood, becoming the base for the new skyscraper of the regional administration placed perpendicularly to the city administration buildings, constituting their counterpoint.




Client: A.I.M.
(Associazione Interessi Metropolitani)
Head designer: Carlo Teoldi, Antonio Zanuso
Consultants: Giulio Maternini (viabilità),
Jana Revedin (paesaggio)
Design team: Hesham Jawabreh,
William Pascoe, Paola Romagnoni,
Emanuela Rossi, Gian Marco Vergani
Net floor area: 201.000 sq.m.

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© Antonio Zanuso