Office towers at Sesto S. Giovanni - Limited competition, Milan 2001

Massing scheme for the new building complex (100.000 sq.m.) of a major banking group. The design creates a compact and articulated building organism, 13 floors tall (maximum height 56m.), oriented principally on a north-south axis.

Four main elements:

1. The entrance building, with a semicircular shape, formed by the junction of four distinct but functionally related architectural elements, for executive offices, reception spaces and the entrance hall to the meeting rooms.

2. The linear office buildings, placed to form two twin courtyards opened towards the south for a uniformity of exposure to the sun and view.Courtyards become quality connection elements, with accesses to all the buildings and to common services at underground floor, supplied with an integrated system of  dining areas, kitchens, storage rooms, parkings.

3. The open space, placed between the entrance building and the linear buildings, which takes the form of some kind of "urban street" within the area.

4. The layout of the underground and, more importantly, the ground level parking areas, organized along parallel lines with vehicular circulation in concentric rotations, and arranged within a regular grid planted with tall trees.


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