Missori Square - Nazional competition, Milan 1991

The project underlines the development of the antique square with the orthogonal orientation of the sidewalks and of the four poplars along the border of the nineteenth-century lot. A large tree and the monument to General Missori, raised on a brick pedestal, frame the Barnabiti Palace, giving in this way a better definition to the space in which the Lancia and Piacentini buildings face each other. The large format pavement introduces to the dense fabric of the via Torino and S.Sepolcro neighborhood, and the street paving of big dark red porphyry blocks covers the whole square, consolidating the unity of the place.

Competition sponsor: Metropolitana Milanese
Lead designer: Antonio Zanuso
Design team: C. Chambry, W. Pascoe, A. Zanuso, M. Ferrari
Design team members: Paulo Gambini, Valentino Parmiani, Roger Pavan, Silvia Pellizzi, Paolo Traversa
Consultants: Fabio Casiroli (practicability), Piero Castiglioni (lighting), Carla Pagani (archaeology), Sergio Pellizoni (green).
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© Antonio Zanuso