Industrial building New construction, Milan 1987


Small 3-storey industrial construction with warehouses on the ground floor and two floors of office and laboratories foe Pioneer Electronics.  The two upper floors face onto an internal patio with green areas divided by skylights which illuminate the lower warehouse floor. This economical costruction was built with a structure in reinforced concrete and lightweight custom designed prefabricated panels in GRC (glass reinforced concrete). The building is thought of as a large container laid on the ground in a  periferal area occupied by shipping companies. It has modeled lateral facades with overhangs and flat bands on different levels which, along with the double row of ribbon windows, compose a series of overlaying geometrical grids.


Messita s.p.a.
Progetto e D.L. AntonioZanuso                                 con: Carlo Chambry , William Pascoe
Impresa: Brenta s.p.a


© Antonio Zanuso